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Endangered Species

This section is now available due to the regularity of information being received and that these sometimes come with a request for Aboriginal knowledge regarding uses and occurrences of different species.

This is our forum to share this information with you, as well as for you to submit your comments on the topic.

We look forward to receiving your input, Environment Department.

Spotted Gar and Pugnose Shiner - Species at Risk

Proposed Recovery Strategy - Spotted Gar

On June 1, 2012, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada posted the following proposed recovery strategy on the Species at Risk Public Registry:

Recovery strategy for the Pugnose Shiner (Notropis anogenus) in Canada [Proposed]:

This document will remain on the registry for a 60-day comment period ending July 31, 2012.

Comments on the proposed recovery documents can be submitted on the registry or e-mailed to

Please note the species you are commenting on when you submit a response. Thank you!


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