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Community Infrastructure is comprised of several areas including: Technical Services (Capital Projects, Water & Sewer, Maintenance), Environmental Services, Environmental CHR and Drinking Water Safety, Roads, and Fire & Rescue.  Community Infrastructure`s responsibility can be separated into two primary components:


Capital Projects/Planning

Operations and Maintenance

  • Major Capital Infrastructure Project s
  • Water and Sewer operations and maintenance.
  • Minor Capital Projects planning and reporting
  • Roads maintenance
  • Proposal development
  • Water Plant operations (future)
  • Project estimating and scheduling
  • Waste collection
  • Environment – CEAA and Investigations


  • Economic Development Projects


The Department maintains current Infrastructure such as community buildings, water, and sewer services on the Territory.  It also seeks to secure funding for capital infrastructure projects to enhance facilities on the Territory for residential and business use.  Projects include water and sewer servicing, housing, community buildings, and shared community spaces.

The Department also supports sustainable development to protect the environment for future generations through environmental awareness programs, waste management programs, regular water testing and inspections, and natural resources programs.


Application services:

1. Road Culvert applications

2. Permit for Hydro Installation

3. Water and Sewer connection permit

4. Shoreline project notification form