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Technical Services & Capital Projects

The Technical Services Unit is comprised of:

  • Capital Projects and Planning
  • Water & Sewer Operations
  • Operations & Maintenance


Capital Projects and Planning

Capital Projects and Planning is responsible for the following areas:

  • Major Capital Infrastructure Projects
  • Annual Minor Capital Projects
  • Annual Education C capital submission for Quinte Mohawk School
  • Economic Development Projects as required


There are many considerations and requirements when overseeing capital projects.  Capital Project planning, development, and management includes:

  • Identification of Minor and Major Capital Priorities
  • Project Estimating and Scheduling
  • Drafting funding proposals/applications to secure capital financial needs.
  • Drafting terms of reference for retaining consulting services.
  • Budget preparation for projects and programs
  • Drafting and managing contracts for various services provided by Consultants and Contractors
  • Project management and coordination services.
  • Completing  reporting requirements for federal and provincial funders
  • Maintaining project archives of drawings, contracts and resource material.
  • Providing Auto CAD drawings as required.
  • Providing technical advice to other program areas as required.


Water & Sewer Operations

MBQ Water & Sewer Operations provides services to 8,463 m of water main, 8,311 m of sanitary main, 10 Lift Stations, and 7 Mini-Lift Stations.  MBQ has an agreement with Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to provide operation & maintenance for Bayshore and HBDN lift stations.  Currently 291 units in Tyendinaga are connected to municipal services.

Work required for water and sewer operations include:

  • Operation and maintenance of the water and sewer system.
  • Coordinating action for repairs
  • Coordinating inspections and connections as required
  • Monitoring water consumption and sewer usage.
  • Water and Sewer connection permits


Application Services

Technical services also provides the following application services:

1. Road Culvert applications

2. Permit for Hydro Installation

3. Water and Sewer connection permit

4. Shoreline project notification form


Capital Projects currently underway




Tyendinaga Water Plant

Funding Source: INAC & MBQ

Estimated Project Cost:  $14,000,000

Estimated Date of Completion:  TBD

Parties Involved:

  • Design – First Nation Engineering Services


  • Currently in tender process


Administration Office

Funding Source:

Estimated Project Cost:

Parties Involved:


  • Completed


Successfully Completed Capital Projects

  • Sadie's Lane Housing Development 2013
  • Airport Road Reconstruction 2012
  • CORCAN Rental Unit 2013
  • York Road Drainage
  • Business Centre Renovation
  • Mohawk Skateboard Park 2012
  • Business Centre Solar Project
  • Elder's Lodge Geothermal HVAC Upgrade
  • Elder's Lodge Window Replacement
  • Sports Complex Upgrades
  • New Police Building
  • QMS Mechanical Upgrade
  • QMS Roof Replacement
  • 6-plex Project 2010
  • Peatland Construction
  • Quinte Mohawk School, Water treatment system 2010
  • Water Treatment Plant Design 2009
  • Upper Slash Reconstruction 2009
  • Marks Road Reconstruction 2008
  • Industrial Park Design and Construction 2008
  • Ridge Road Reconstruction 2006