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Economic Development

Economic Development is focused on providing area businesses with registration support and economic guidance. This program provides direction to area entrepreneurs with regard to funding availability, tobacco quota requirements, and business plan preparation.

Functions & Activities

  • Providing community members with Tyendinaga Mohawk Council approved business registrations.
  • Provide information about how to obtain financial assistance for businesses.
  • Oversees allotment of tobacco quotas for businesses on the Territory.

How do I open a business in Tyendinaga?  What standard practices are required to remain a registered business with MBQ?  Where can I find financial assistance for my business?  How do I obtain tobacco quotas?  The Economic Development unit can help answer these kinds of questions. 

Doing business on the Territory can be a lucrative opportunity.  One of the primary benefits for opening and operating any type of business on a First Nation is its tax free status.  Businesses are exempt from taxes on any product ordered and delivered to a reserve.  Customers also benefit from reduced costs, as they are exempt from paying any tax on all merchandise sold on reserves.

In addition to its tax free status, Tyendinaga is ideally located to allow businesses to flourish.  Tyendinaga is on the beautiful shores of the Bay of Quinte, a hot spot for sport fishing, and has National Historic Sites such as The Cairn and Christ Church (1843).  We are easily accessible from two exists off Highway 401.  Highway 49 runs through the middle of the Territory, and is the primary route to growing tourist attractions in Prince Edward County such as Sandbanks Provincial Park, Picton, vineyards, and a flourishing art scene. 

Services & Initiatives

Business Directory & Registration
The Economic Development Unit registers and maintains a list of all businesses on the Territory.   Currently there are approximately 150 registered businesses on the Territory.  Businesses can register with MBQ by filling out an application form, which is then approved by Tyendinaga Mohawk Council.  For a business to maintain its registered status, it must comply with a set of guidelines established by TMC and renew their registration periodically.

Business Loans
Funding sources are available to Aboriginal owned, on-Territory businesses for start up and further development.  The Bank of Montreal offers a loan program where Tyendinaga Mohawk Council can decide to guarantee 70% of each loan.

Tobacco Quotas
Economic Development also oversees the allotment of tobacco quotas for businesses on the Territory.  Registered businesses can be approved by Tyendinaga Mohawk Council to have an allocation of tobacco.  The amount of tobacco allocated is dependent on the number of businesses on the Territory requesting tobacco and the number of shares available as allotted by the government (Example: 100,000 total available tobacco cartons /100 businesses = 1000 tobacco cartons to each business).  Tobacco allocation monies support the Tyendinaga Community Development Fund.   In order to sell tobacco, business on the Territory are subjected to annual inspections by MBQ, and must meet a set of criteria. 

Bay of Quinte Tourism

Tyendinaga is part of the Bay of Quinte Tourism, whose aim is to encourage people to experience the lands, culture, and beauty found in the Bay of Quinte region.  Check out opportunities to Stay, See, Do, Eat, Shop, and Live in the surrounding areas at!

Local businesses and event holders have the opportunity to sign up as a stakeholder and advertise their services on Tyendinaga's portion of the Bay of Quinte Tourism.  The website has opportunities to advertise businesses, events, imagery and video.


Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario

- IAPO Small Business Financing

- Future Farmers, First Nations Youth Agricultural Program

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Contact - Renee Brant, Business Development Worker
24 Meadow Drive
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON
K0K 1X0
Phone: 613-396-3424
Fax: 613-396-3627

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