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The Policy Unit is a relatively new unit, created in the summer of 2009.  The Unit coordinates policy activities involving TMC, MBQ administration, and the community.

Policy provides a solid backbone for any organization, and establishes the foundation for what can be expected.  Adherence to policy can provide consistency by holding everyone to the same standards.

MBQ policies provide an outline for Community Members on how a program operates, including eligibility criteria and program procedures.  Policies can also outline the purpose behind a program or initiative, and provide the rationale as to why the policy is necessary.

The policy development process can include:

  • Conducting research into the program area
  • Ensuring the policy operates within funding or contribution agreements
  • Establishing a dialogue with TMC and MBQ's Executive Team
  • Eliciting input from program managers and staff as well as program participants
  • Consulting the community for their input depending on the policy’s level of impact
  • Establishing a process for review



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