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MBQ Water Delivery Service

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The purpose of the new MBQ Water Delivery Service is to make available to every resident of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory affordable, safe and potable drinking water.  Some residents already enjoy access to safe drinking water, and TMC desires to make this available to all.  The Council continues its struggle to extend the in-ground water system throughout the Territory, but recognizes that this may take many years to realize.  This water delivery program is intended to bridge that gap, to ensure that the health and safety of water on our Territory meets the needs of our residents.



Health and Safety  The water to be delivered will be from municipal water treatment plants and meet all accepted health and safety requirements.  Driver operators will be trained in the delivery and sanitization of the water.  MBQ’s existing programs for inspecting and testing water storage units will continue to be available. 

Application   Community members must apply to MBQ directly to be included in the delivery service.

Cost  The cost to community members will be no different than fees paid by community members currently connected to MBQ’s existing water systems.  Payment will be on a quarterly basis.

Terms & Conditions  Participating clients must agree to and comply with Water Delivery Service terms and conditions.  Clients will be required to commit to purchasing and installing a water storage unit if they do not already have one.

Priorities  The delivery service will be provided for:

  • Residential use for homes with existing water storage units
  • Residential use for homes with wells meeting health and safety requirements and who will commit to purchasing and installing an approved water storage unit
  • Commercial or business establishments


The MBQ Water Delivery Service will deliver water to approved water storage units.  However, it is recognized that it may take time to install approved water storage units, and as such, MBQ may fill wells for a limited period of time provided that:

  • The client will commit to having an approved storage unit installed as soon as possible, AND
  • The existing well has passed required safety inspections.

To facilitate the purchase and installation of approved water storage units or upgrades to existing units, MBQ will provide financial incentives to applicants in the form of partially forgivable loans.


Delivery Driver(s) 613-813-0468

Liz Brant, Water/Waste Water Technician 613-813-9012