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Tyendinaga Justice Circle

Tontakaiêrine “It has become right again”

The Tyendinaga Justice Circle

Hours of Operation:    Monday – Friday        8:8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Hours are flexible to include weekends/nights if required


Functions & Activities

The Tyendinaga Justice Circle is an alternative to the mainstream justice system, with a focus on youth ages 12-17. The forum brings Yakokarewáhtonh (those who have been harmed), Yontatkarewáhtonh (those who have caused harm), their supporters and community members together in a safe, controlled environment. The goal is to discuss the incident, its effects, and to decide collaboratively how to right the wrong that has been done. Restorative Justice, not to be confused with “sentencing circles”, emphasizes the harm crime does to the community and how the community, rather than the court system, can respond to crime in more satisfactory ways.

The Tyendinaga Justice Circle is guided by a committee of volunteer community members who are trained and certified to facilitate the forums. The focus of the Restorative Circles is on repairing the harm, healing and providing an opportunity for all parties to find some closure to the incident. It may incorporate a variety of approaches, which could be applied at either the pre, or post-charge stage of the criminal justice process.  The TJC Coordinator reviews all pre –charge cases to assure that they are eligible for the program and works in conjunction with the Crown Attorney in  post-charge diversion matters under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Extra Judicial Measures Worker

The main objective of the Aboriginal (EJM) Youth Justice Worker is to provide culturally relevant pre-charge programming by developing individualized measures to reflect the unique needs of each youth. In addition, the Youth Worker will promote and recommend alternative methods of conflict resolution within the community of Tyendinaga and surrounding areas. The Youth Worker ensures the objectives of the program are being met by:

  • Assisting youth and their families who are working to repair harm and heal; as well as, ensuring youth successfully fulfill the outcomes of circle contracts. 
  • Act as a resource and support person for the staff and students of the elementary and secondary schools on Tyendinaga to provide culturally relevant information related to restorative as well as anti-violence practices. 
  • Work towards crime prevention and awareness at the community level through a news articles, coordination of restorative justice events, program advocacy, anti-harassment workshops for children and youth, cultural awareness to off-territory agencies, and facilitation of community justice forums.



FNTI (First Nations Technical Institute)

3 Old York Road

Tyendinaga, ON K0K 1X0

Telephone: (613) 396-2122

Fax: (613) 396-2761

Shannon Butcher (Program Coordinator) ext. 166

Mark Brinklow (Extra Judicial Measures) Youth Worker ext. 125