Water Delivery Service



Services have been available since 2009.
The team provides affordable water delivery services to the community, including weekly cistern fills.
Fees are billed quarterly.
 A signed water delivery contract is required prior to the start of delivery.
A holding tank loan/incentive program is available, with compliance to applicable criteria. You can contact us for an application.
Safety is a program priority and water delivered meets Canadian Drinking Water Standards and the delivery truck is tested weekly for bacteriological quality.


Key Messages

Water conservation is the program priority while ensuring members receive adequate access.
Water safety is also a program priority, including water testing at each location to ensure health and safety.

The Water Delivery Program offers affordable water delivery, and the service provides a weekly tank top up service.

Indigenous Service Canada provides funding to ensure the program remains operational.
This program ensures members have access to water to service regular household usage.

Providing the community with access to safe portable water at low cost.

Loans/incentives are made available to those who require a water storage tank or upgrades to their current services.