Medical Transportation

613-967-3603 Ext. 171

Downloadable Medical Transportation forms:


Medical transportation benefits are covered in accordance with the policies set out in the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Medical Transportation Policy Framework to assist eligible recipients to access medically required health services that cannot be obtained on the Territory or in the community of residence.

What IS covered?

Ground Travel: Private vehicle; commercial taxi; fee for service driver and vehicle; band vehicle; bus; train; snowmobile taxi; and ground Ambulance.
Water travel: Motorized boat; boat taxi; and ferry.
Air travel: Scheduled flights; charter flights; helicopter; air ambulance and Medivac.

The medical transportation policy is to provide the most effective and economical mode of transportation. Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte has a fleet of volunteer drivers who we depend on to run the Medical Transportation Program.


What IS NOT covered?

Travel to and from the pharmacy.

Most massage, physiotherapy, podiatry, hydrotherapies are considered alternate therapy and are rarely covered by NIHB medical travel. Please call us if you are unsure.
Travel for health card renewal/replacement.
Costs to pick-up eye glasses, dentures, and orthotics, or to get notes required for insurance or work.

How do eligible recipients access medical transportation benefits?

Recipients who live within the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory community should contact the Community Wellbeing Centre, 50 Meadow Drive, Phone: 613-967-3603, ext. 127 for information or to request transportation
Recipients who do not live on reserve or are not a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte should contact the Non-Insured Health Benefits Analyst, at the CWC, ext. 120 or their own First Nation’s Administration Office to request transportation.

The following information will be required:
~ Client name, current address and phone number
~ Date and time of appointment
~ Location of appointment
~ Type of appointment and name of medical professional being seen


Contact us:

Wendy-Joy Sero, Medical Transportation
50 Meadow Drive, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON K0K 1X0
613-967-3603 ext. 171

Medical transportation benefits may be provided for status members of Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte living on-reserve or off-reserve members with prior approval from the Health Canada NIHB Program. Contact the NIHB Analyst at 613-967-3603 ext. 120.
This service can be used to access the following types of medically necessary health services:
– Medical services defined as insured services by provincial/territorial health plans (e.g. doctors appointments, hospital care)
– diagnostic tests and medical treatments ordered by a physician or other health professional within his or her scope of practice and which are covered by provincial/territorial health plans
– publicly-funded alcohol, solvent, drug abuse and detox treatment
– traditional healers
– Non-Insured Health Benefits (vision, dental, mental health, medical supplies and equipment)
– Publicly-funded preventative screenings i.e. breast cancer screening (where co-ordination with other medical travel is not feasible)

The program has a fleet of volunteer drivers to assist in getting you to and from appointments when you, a family member or friend cannot manage. In order to access this part of the program, you must call the medical transportation clerk to register at 613-967-3603 ext. 127, giving at least 48 hours notice.

If you can drive yourself, or a friend/family member drives you, that driver is eligible for a stipend to help cover the cost of getting to and from the medical appointment. The process requires the person going to the appointment to fill out a form and a signature from the medical facility is also required. MBQ has a catchment area in which our clients can access medical assistance within. Please call the office to make sure your appointment is eligible.