Community Health


Epi-Pen Shortage

Pfizer Canada, the Canadian distributor for EpiPen®, is reporting that they may experience supply constraints in the coming months of the EpiPen 0.3 mg dose in Canada. Health Canada has also posted an update Pfizer has noted that the product is still being shipped to...


The Community Health Program provides services to all community members (status and non-status on and off reserve) of all ages throughout the lifespan.


  • The Community Health Program provides services to all community members (status and non-status on and off reserve) from prenatal to end of life. The goal of Community Health is to promote and preserve the health of the community through a focus on health promotion and illness prevention. Community Health on reserve is similar to Public Health Unit programming off reserve. Our program consists of:
    – 1 Community Health Nurse In Charge (CHNIC) who is also the Community Health Program Manager
    – 1 Community Health Nurse (CHN)
    – 3 Community Health Representatives (CHR)
    – 1 Medical Transportation Coordinator
    – 1 Non Insured Health Benefits Analyst
    – 1 Nursing Clerk
    – 1 Chiropodist
    – 1 International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Programs & Services

Health Awareness

We provide Health awareness and disease prevention to the community through some of the following:

  • Weight, Blood Pressure (Hypertension info flyer), and Blood Sugar checks at the Diner’s Club on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
  • Cholesterol monitoring at Community Wellbeing Centre – call for an appointment
  • Influenza Bulletin, Health Fairs, workshops and information delivery as needed.
  • Prenatal Classes – offered each spring and fall

Diabetic Services

  • Foot Care for people with Diabetes provided by a Chiropodist
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator and Registered Dietician services available to those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes
  • Diabetes Wellness Circle  – meetings held usually 2nd Tues of month, 7 – 9 pm (see upcoming events listing below)- a holistic look at prevention of and living with Diabetes.

Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program

The goal of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program-First Nations and Inuit Component (CPNP-FNIC) is to improve maternal and infant nutritional health. Monthly Food VOUCHERS are offered to women during pregnancy. For more information contact the Community Health Nurses who can outline the program.


Publicly Funded Routine Immunization including infant, childhood, school based and adult immunizations