“There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation […] I name the tree the Tree of the Great Long Leaves. Under the shade of this Tree of the Great Peace we spread the soft white feathery down of the globe thistle as seats for you. Roots have spread out from the Tree of the Great Peace, one to the north, one to the east, one to the south and one to the west. The name of these roots is The Great White Roots and their nature is Peace and Strength. If any man or any nation outside the Five Nations shall obey the laws of the Great Peace and make known their disposition to the Lords of the Confederacy, they may trace the Roots to the Tree and if their minds are clean and they are obedient and promise to obey the wishes of the Confederate Council, they shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the Tree of the Long Leaves.” 

The Peacemaker, The Great Law of Peace


The consultation unit was created in the summer of 2009 and co-ordinates consultation activities within the community, as well as federal and provincial governments and industry. The department carries out consultation activities to engage, inform and promote dialogue within the community and outside proponents and agencies.

At the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, we strive to protect the interests of our community and nation. Consultation serves as a way to assert our Aboriginal and Treaty rights over lands and resources on our Traditional Territory, recognize our section 35 rights (Constitution Act), the Duty to Consult, and our right to free, prior and informed consent regarding activities that occur both on and around our Traditional Territory.


Guiding Principles

  • Increase accountability to ensure decision making is reflective of the will and unique needs of MBQ members
  • Ensure transparency and openness by providing meaningful information sharing forums to enable awareness of MBQ initiatives
  • Promote the development of healthy relationships and build trust within MBQ
  • Ensure Mohawk values are an integral foundation for decision making and consultation
  • Establish an inclusive process, based on safe and open dialogue, which allows every MBQ member the opportunity to engage in decision making processes
  • Maintain a proactive approach by anticipating and acting on upcoming issues or concerns
  • Ensure consultation approaches are flexible to address the unique needs of each situation
  • The principle of reconciliation shall govern and guide any and all consultations and accommodations undertaken pursuant to these standards
  • In fulfilling its obligation to consult under the law, the Crown shall inform, listen to, and faithfully reflect and accommodate the concerns and views of MBQ with respect to any impact within MBQ’s Traditional Territory
  • A paramount consideration with respect to any impact is the extent to which it will harm the environment and the sustainability of said development
  • MBQ shall be notified of and take part in the process of traditional re-burial or traditional ceremonies with archaeological findings including, but not limited to, remains and artifacts that may have cultural significance to our First Nation in order to protect our traditional culture and heritage

Our Community Consultation and Accommodation Guideline can be found here:

Functions & Activities

– Provides forums to gather input from the community on MBQ initiatives and issues
– Relays information on MBQ initiatives and projects to the community
– Generates policy and processes related to engagement an consultation initiatives, communications, and community engagement within MBQ
– Assists MBQ departments, units, and programs with their community engagement activities
– Co-ordinates engagement activities between MBQ, federal and provincial governments and industry

MBQ Community Engagement:

Ongoing input from the community is always welcome. This department seeks discussion from community members and outside agencies regarding MBQ projects, services and initiatives. If you, as a community member or outside agency, would like updates on MBQ initiatives, regular updates on consultation will be posted both on our website and on social media forums.


Consultation is currently operating within the Community Services Department at the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

Community members or outside agencies that wish to engage in consultation must contact:

Cassie Thompson
The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte
24 Meadow Drive,
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON
K0K 1X0
Phone: 613-396-3424 ext. 155
Fax: 613-396-3627

Programs & Services

Community Engagement

When a proposed initiative may impact MBQ’s Aboriginal and Treaty rights and community members, consultation, accommodation and informed consent are required.

Consultation is not a single event with an imposed deadline. Consultation must go beyond meeting the minimal requirements outlined in any legislation and subjective applications of the duty to consult. MBQ considers entering into consultation a process of engagement, combining information sharing and dialogue in order to build effective working relationships between MBQ, proponents, and the community.
Consultation does not end with the completion of one stage of a project, but is an ongoing process of engagement and dialogue throughout the lifespan and resulting impacts of a project.