Ontario Works

“Thank you for all your help with our matters. We sincerely believe that you have made a world of difference in our situation.”


Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte began delivering Ontario Works (OW) on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in 1998 to band members only. Prior to OW, MBQ provided General Welfare Assistance, also to band members only. In 2009, MBQ began issuing social assistance (OW) to ALL residents of the territory who qualified, regardless of their band status.

Ontario Works can be reached by calling 613-967-0122 

Text Line: 613-885-4268


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The Social Services / Ontario Works office can provide assistance to Tyendinaga community members on program information and requirements, assess eligibility and assist in preparing applications, create a participation agreement, identify financial benefits and provide family support services.


Financial assistance includes:

  • Basic assistance for accommodation costs, food and clothing as determined by actual shelter costs and family size.
  • Coverage of most prescription medication, basic dental coverage for children, emergency dental coverage for adults, prescription eyeglasses for children as required and for adults once every three years.
  • Other special benefits may include medical expenses, surgical and diabetic supplies, employment related expenses, funds to establish a permanent residence, funding to pay for rental arrears, utility disconnections and repairs to your home.

Programs & Services

Employment Services

Self-Development Workshops to increase confidence, self esteem and to focus on self-development that may lead to the removal of barriers to employment. 

Supports for Education and Training – some training allowances are exempt under OW as income to allow for the continuation of the support of OW while further education or training is pursued to increase success rate. 

Employment Benefits – benefits are available to OW recipients to assist with work clothing/equipment, transportation, licensing fees etc.. 

Soft Skills Training – workshops are offered to improve communication, problem solving, time management, interpersonal skills, work ethic etc.. Some skill specific training is available (forklift operator training, WHMIS, CPR/EFA, G1 drivers license support, fall arrest certification, etc.).

Other services – child care subsidies, transportation fees, medical transportation and referrals to appropriate programs or agencies.