The basic objective of the Candidates Night is for members of the electorate to hear what the candidates for Chief and Council have to say and to have an opportunity to question them about their platforms. The session will be moderated by Mr. Richard Powless, and take place at the Quinte Mohawk School commencing at 7:00 p.m. and finishing at 9:00 p.m on November 28, 2019.

It is important for everyone to be aware that this is not a forum for debate, and it is not a forum for exercising a show of political support.


• Each Candidate has 5 minutes for an opening statement
• After all opening statements are finished there will be a 10 minute break
• Questions and Answers pre-submitted by community members and questions from the floor
• Candidates have 1 minute each for a closing argument


• Each Candidate will have 5 minutes to make an opening statement. Time will be strictly enforced
• Candidates may not award their whole or unused time to any other candidate
• Order of speakers will be a lottery drawn randomly.
• Candidates are not allowed to ask other Candidates questions during their statements
• Candidates will be given 1 minute for a summary statement


• The moderator will intervene if the questioners make long statements.
• Questions will be taken in sequence – at microphones place on the floor
• Questioners will have 1 minute to ask their question
• Candidate will have 2 minutes to respond
• 1 rebuttal question will be allowed
• Candidate will have 1 minute to respond to the rebuttal
• Questioners will be asked to be clear about which Candidate is to respond to their question
• Questioners must ask a question!!!
The following summarizes the procedure for the Candidates` forum:
1. Each Candidate will have 5 minutes to make an opening statement
2. When all candidates have completed their opening statements, there will be a 10 minute break
3. After reconvening, there will be an opportunity to question Candidates from the floor, this includes any questions sent in which the moderator will ask
4. Each candidate will have 1 minute for a closing statement

I wish you all the best in the 2019 election


David Souliere

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)